Wandering (literally and metaphorically) thoughts

[26 October 2020 while wandering along the riverside walkway in PN (and a little bit at home later)] I can choose to stay entirely on the sealed shared cycle/walk path with many diverse walkers, joggers, cyclists, scooters and skateboarders; but at times I can choose to step off onto the unsealed path where there are less people(more intrepid walkers and mountain bikers) that winds less by the water and more though the trees. Both paths have their beauty. The sealed path runs alongside the river which flows along sparkling in the sun (you could ALMOST forget how polluted it is). Looking across the water are the hills and trees of the farmland that is still there even as the city expand (houses appearing). Many people of all ages and ethnicities (hear the various languages) are using the path this Labour Day morning. The unsealed path is not as smooth, but there among the trees grow wild flowers (or at least unplanted ones) – violets, forget-me-nots and white flowers I don’t know the name. See where a mountain bike area is being developed. Some teens are trying it out. This reminds me of life, all aspects of it. We can stay on the broad smooth path that is there, but at times it is nice (necessary even) to step off onto the narrower uneven trails that (oh wow 2 ducks in the river) leads to wherever, with unexpected encounters, and beauties that help us to grow as people. Sometimes the diversions
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