Waiting – a prayer/reflection from Angela

Jesus, when you left your disciples to return to your father, Our Creator You told them (and us) to wait To wait for the Holy Spirit To wait for strength and courage To wait to be able to go out  Go out to their (and our) neighbours Go out to the ends of the Earth Go out to all Creation  But Jesus waiting is hard Waiting requires patience, and most of us don’t have that much Waiting requires courage to face the unexpected, and maybe the unwanted Waiting is time consuming, and we tend to like to fill our time Waiting is about emptying ourselves,  So as to be ready to be filled with what is coming Waiting is being called to be still, and to be silent; Which, again, we’re not good at, as a rule  But wait and hope is sometimes all we can do, As we journey through life and faith    Angela Coleman 29 May 2022   
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