Art Exhibition from one of our Own | Wise Women

On the evening of Friday January 10th, 2014, a varied group of art enthusiasts (including a good number of Dominican family members) gathered in the Forrester Gallery, Oamaru to celebrate with Mary Horn her 11 paintings, entitled Wise Women, which were completed during the past two and a half years.

Numerous artists and supporters, parishioners from the local Catholic community, Mary’s family members and Dominican sisters and friends all listened carefully to Mary’s explanations of her paintings and of her ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ along the way. Then, one of Mary’s fellow artists gave us a sense of how Mary brought her works to birth alongside other painters – each of them encouraging one another as the need came. It was not too long before those of us present had chosen the one or two paintings that most appealed to us – and not surprisingly, the responses were quite diverse.

The formal part of the evening concluded with the Dominicans present singing a blessing on the art works, on the gathered community and especially on Mary, the artist.

It was then time for one of the Forrester Gallery members to congratulate Mary and to let us know of other forthcoming local art events. We were then invited to view Mary’s paintings up close, to chat with one another and to enjoy a delicious supper. We left the gallery with pride and a strong sense that there is lively and encouraging support for the Arts in North Otago! Thank you, Mary!

January, 2014.

The exhibition was entitled Wise Women.  Mary described the collection in this way:

“These paintings are about something of that struggle in all of us, men or women, to make decisions to be our true self.
I wanted these women to be from around us, and to show the strength that is there in all.
I hoped, through viewing you might realise your own inner sacredness. I wanted them to be you.”

Photos of some of the paintings is included immediately below.

Further below is a photo of those gathered after the Exhibition at Teschemakers after the opening of the Exhibition: From left – Jan Ogilvy, Joan Bennett, Mary Anna Baird, S M Madeleine, Mary Horn, Nola Gleeson, Helen Bergin, Elizabeth Mackie

But wait … there’s more …. finally there are also photos of those who gathered after the Exhibition at Teschemakers Farmhouse.