Auckland Celebration of Dominican Family for Feast of St Dominic

St Dominic’s day was celebrated by members of the Dominican Family on Sunday August 5th in St Dominic’s parish centre at Blockhouse Bay. Margaret Fitzpatrick and Helen Bergin prepared a programme in which all present (20+ people) were invited to participate. Early in the gathering, each person briefly stated their Dominican link (for some – it was education; for some – teaching with sisters or befriending sisters/ friars in a local parish; for some – studying at Holy Cross College…)

It was also a joy for us to acknowledge Mary Johnson who had recently received a special diocesan award for her many years of working with the hearing-impaired.

The ‘reflective element’ in the gathering consisted of small groups focusing on quotations from Mary Sullivan OP (a recent contributor to the Catholic Education Conference in Los Angeles, 2018) and the late Paul Philibert OP to whom many of us are grateful. A brief quote from each is included. Mary Sullivan challenged us with the following: “In the midst of a world which often seems doomed and sterile – we bring the risen Christ to birth again.” Likewise, Paul Philibert’s words also encouraged us, “Holiness is not about our impressing God but about God embracing us” (The Priesthood of the Faithful, 2005, 108).

Thanks to Cecily, there was rousing music and song. Then, a tasty afternoon tea encouraged many good conversations and concluded this year’s celebration of St Dominic.

Photo:  Mary Johnson