Dominican Education Conference Contemplation – Radical Being

In mid July 2013, a Dominican Education Conference was held at Santa Sabina College in Sydney. The Conference Theme was “Contemplation – Radical Being” and linked in with the theme chosen for the Dominican Order for 2013. Currently, Dominicans throughout the world are celebrating the years leading up to 2016 which will mark 800 years since the founding of the Order. This year the Order is focusing on Mary, disciple and mother of Jesus, who in her living both contemplated and preached the Word.

Three teachers from St Dominic’s College Henderson – Elizabeth Hill, Philomena Clare and Elizabeth Cala – were able to attend the conference. In Elizabeth Hill’s words, “The conference provided a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves of the richness of the Dominican charism and how important it is to ensure that our students carry it forward as part of the 800+ years of Dominican tradition.”

Sheila Flynn (who has now returned to South Africa) has given permission for her paper given at the Dominican Education Conference in July Contemplation – Radical Being to be placed on our website. We hope you take this opportunity to read and discuss this paper.