Dominican Family Leaders’ Conference

Teresa McNamara, representing the Dominican Lay Family in Aotearoa New Zealand at the Dominican Family Leaders’ Conference of Asia Pacific 2012, held in February 2012 in Saigon, Vietnam, shares with us a report she wrote when she returned from Vietnam.  Also attached is a copy of an article written by Fr Edgar Javier, SVD who spoke to the theme of the Conference: Mission in Asia Pacific Today.


Report:  Dominican Family Leader’s Conference Report

Article: Megatrends and Mission:  Re-Imaging the Missionary in the New World

Discussion Questions for Megatrends Article:

  • To whom do I ‘mission’?
  • Who acts as ‘missionary’ towards me?
  • Who is the ‘Other’?
  • How do I act towards the ‘Other’?
  • What are the local issues for your area?