Dominican Prayer and Hymn Book

Members of the Dominican Family – sisters, laity and friars – are the heirs of an 800-year tradition of liturgical prayer. The singing and chanting of hymns and psalms has been central to that long prayer tradition. Dominicans sing constantly, in joy, in sorrow, in thanksgiving and in praise. Here in Aotearoa Dominicans have sung for the most part in Latin or in English. It is more than time for us to honour the first language of the first peoples of this land. We have therefore drawn together this simple collection of basic prayers and frequently used hymns, to be recited or sung in Maori. We commend it to you as a taonga for the Dominican Family. May we honour the names which have been gifted to us as branches of one family and may we use this prayer and hymn book respectfully and well. For the future, may our praise and petition be expressed in Maori as in English, and may members of the Dominican Family give thanks to all who assisted in the preparation of this treasure.


We are so pleased to now have this resource on our Dominican Family website.