Dominican Sisters 50 years at Blockhouse Bay

50th Jubilee celebration of the Dominican Sisters coming to live in Blockhouse Bay

The Jubilee was acknowledged with a Celebration Mass and Morning Tea on Tuesday April 9th, 2013.   Below are comments from present students at St Dominic’s Catholic primary school, Blockhouse Bay.

A beautiful assortment of children’s comments was arranged on big, bright coloured cards from each of the present classrooms at St Dominic’s primary school. Cards were decorated with photos or drawings of present-day students, with Veritas and the Dominican shield, stars, flowers, decorated pictures of individual students, petals, the cross, Easter eggs, rosary beads, the koru! Each large card was happy and beautiful! The messages revealed concentration and hard work, especially from the younger ones. One class also handed out beautiful handmade book marks or decorated letters to the sisters.

The following are some of the children’s comments:

Dear Dominican sisters, Thank you for being with us for 50 years! Thank you for teaching us for 50 years!

Thank you for coming [to Blockhouse Bay]

Thank you for helping here!

I love you!

To the Sisters, Thank you for being our friends!

Well done for staying 50 years!

Thank you for coming to church with us!

Dear Sisters, we congratulate you for living in our school for 50 years

Dear Sisters, thank you for being so friendly!

God be with you always!

Thank you for 50 years of service!

Thank you for your generosity to the school and parish!

Thank you for helping us out!

Happy 50 years! St Dominic’s thanks you!

And, from a teacher! Dear Sisters, we hope you have a lovely anniversary. We loved all the work you have done for us. You are all so special!


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