Jubilee 800

November 7, 2015 (the Feast of All Dominican Saints and the date designated as Dominican Family Day by the Master of the Order) was the date set for the beginning of the commemoration of 800 years of Dominican Life around the world.  Click here to see how we celebrated around Aoteaora New Zealand.  As we come closer to the end of our 800 Jubilee Year we prepare to bring this great celebration to an end. Below is a a short liturgy for the close of the Jubilee – prepared by members of the Dominican Family Mission and Justice Group.  Some may wish to celebrate in small gatherings around Aotearoa New Zealand and others may want to commit to a time of prayer on or about 21 January 2017.


National Gathering of Dominican Family

We enjoyed a national weekend gathering of the Aotearoa New Zealand Dominican Family in Auckland on the weekend of 18-20 November.

Jubilee Updates

Invitation postcard

Celebrating the Jubilee 800 in Aotearoa New Zealand – Update 1 – July 2015

Celebrating the Jubilee 800 in Aotearoa New Zealand – Update 2 – September 2015

Celebrating the Jubilee 800 in Aotearoa New Zealand – Update 3 – May 2016




Celebrating the Jubilee 800 in Aotearoa New Zealand – Update 7 – December 2016

Who’s keen to follow in the footsteps of Dominic?  Kevin Toomey share this site which shows the path of St Dominic in the three countries he mainly lived.  It gives information, pictures, background material and many other fascinating pieces of information that any Dominican would be happy to know, or to rekindle their acquaintance with.  Keen to know more of Dominic?  Read this article Catching Fire From Dominic’s Vision – The Coming of the Preachers by Barbara Beaumont OP.   Click here to go to a litany to St Dominic composed by Michele Ness.

Jubilee Prayer

God, Source of mercy,
who called your servant Dominic de Guzman
to set out in faith
as an itinerant pilgrim and a preacher of grace,
as we prepare to celebrate the Jubilee of the Order
we ask you to pour again into us the Spirit of the Risen Christ,
that we might faithfully and joyfully proclaim
the Gospel of peace,
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.

Jubilee Hymn

On you tube a video of the jubilee hymn entitled:.
Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare: Official Hymn of the Jubilee of the Order of Preachers.

Click here for the music for the Jubilee hymn
Click here to go to a page where you can download the hymn as an mp3 file.   Scroll to the bottom of the page and underneath the heading Related Download Mp3 click on Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare.mp3

Information on the opening of the jubilee

Date:Saturday, 7 November 2015 (Feast of All Saints of the Order)