Judith reflects on Laudato Si’

St Francis is in a corner behind the Korimako vegetable garden and when my Mother spent the last months of her life here, she found the small pottery leaf in the front flower garden and asked if she could place it near the statue. She explained that when she visited Asissi the pilgrims were told that a live bird could frequently be seen resting on the outstretched hand of the statue there. I thought of this as I read Pope Francis  LAUDATO SI’ on The Care of our Common Home. What a joy to read this hard hitting, factual, tender yet fearless expose of our fragile Earth home and the plea for all of us to recognize and carry out responsible stewardship. We are challenged to change our mindset from a consumer oriented throw away society and to grow in care for nature and each other.

St Francis is highlighted as a role model  “for a more passionate concern for the protection of our world.” Like St Francis’s outstretched hand, we too are encouraged to stretch our minds, hearts and hands to care for the poor of our common home and see the divine in all of creation. Become aware that economic interests and profit at all costs,  also cost the lives and habitats of many of earth’s generous gifts. Now each person and community is called to continue the conversation our Pope Francis has begun. The holy preaching begun by St Dominic during the time of St Francis is ours now to follow anew!    Laudare  Benedicere  Praedicare

Judith Robinson OP