Lay Dominican Newsletter – June 2017

Dear Friends

This is the first of (I hope!) many newsletters composed expressly for lay people who identify themselves as lay Dominicans, or have an interest in the developing lay Dominican operation in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Some people may comment that there is already an occasional newsletter sent by the Dominican Family Mission and Justice Committee.  This committee comprises representatives of the Lay Dominicans, the Sisters and the Friars, ie the wider family of Dominicans – the friars in New Zealand belong to the Australian Dominican Friars Province of the Assumption, the sisters to the Dominican Sisters of Aotearoa-New Zealand, and the Lay Dominicans.  We lay people have always felt comfortable within the wider family group.   However, as time goes on, it has become clear that Lay Dominicans need to have their own identity, and seek to be recognised within the official Order of Preachers.

Mike Kelly (Te Awa Rongopai)

Following the advice of Fr David Kammler, formerly Promoter for the Laity, who visited New Zealand in February/March 2013, the DomConsult group began the process to seek recognition by the office of the Order of Preachers in Rome.  The first task was to draw up a statement of who we are and what we seek.  This statement is called a Charter.

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To read the draft charter click here: lay charter – as at June 2017