Lay Dominicans gather in Christchurch

On Saturday 7 May thirty Christchurch and Dunedin Dominicans gathered at Christ the King Parish Centre to “Celebrate Being Dominican in the 21st Century’.

The day began with the parish Mass followed by a welcome and an introduction to the Mission and Justice Team, and all present.  Helen Bergin then gave a very deep insight to Dominican prayer.  After Lunch we had a very lively discussion headed by Teresa McNamara (Auckland) and Norman Gray (Wellington) about the concept of Community and in particular Dominican Community and what it means for us as we head into the 21st century.  Finally, the National Dominican conference to be held on the 18th-20th November was discussed and all were invited to attend.

This meeting was a first occasion held for South Island Dominicans to meet up with others and learn about what is happening in the rest of the country.  The next gathering for Dominicans in Christchurch is planned for the 7th of August.  This will be a lunch to celebrate St Dominic’s Day at the Commodore Hotel, Memorial Ave. Time; 12.30 for 1pm Cost $35.00 a head.  To book or for any queries please contact Kay (03)3517683 or Margaret (03)3486045 before 24th July