Love Stays Strong

Love Stays Strong

Normality leaves; Love stays strong

Fear creeps in; Love stays strong

Peace shatters; Love stays strong

Freedom shakes; Love stays strong

Hope hangs in; Love stays strong


As we see the stranger as a neighbour

As we recognise our shared humanity beyond our differences

As we remember that unity is in diversity, not uniformity

As we come to know each other as friends

As we stand together side by side

As we reach out to take each other by the hand


Then fear departs

Freedom, peace and hope are reaffirmed

Compassion and justice are fed

Because Love stays strong

Normality is restored





Angela Coleman



(This was written in response the mosque attacks in Christchurch, and read at the Inter-faith service in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, PN this evening (same day as poem written) and a copy given to a representative of our local Muslim community)