Luke Samy visits Auckland

Dominican Volunteers International (DVI) was established in 2000 as a way to engage lay people (and young people in particular) to participate in the preaching mission of the Dominican Order.   The programme draws on the various talents that lay young people bring.

Luke Samy is an Australian who after spending five years studying and lecturing at Oxford University in the UK felt motivated to respond to the words of St Thomas Aquinas when he wrote that he “would rather feel compassion than know the meaning of it”.

Responding to a call to go on mission Luke found himself in the Philippines where he has been catechising the children of the slums, providing moral support to leprosy patients and teaching the children of leprosy patients everything from statistics to morality!

Luke shared something of his experience during a visit to Auckland in May 2012.  Click to read:  Come Follow Me Luke Samy