Margaret Mayce – we are called to question

In September 2014 the Dominican Family in Aotearoa New Zealand were blessed by a visit by Sr Margaret Mayce OP, NGO Representative to the United Nations.  The notes below are a combination from a couple of presentations made by Margaret in Auckland.  Margaret was accompanied on the visit by Sr Anne Lythgoe.  The statement that is still in my mind from Margaret’s visit is this:

People like you and me…. we have to hold up a mirror in front of  authorities and ask them what the truth is.   What actions are we willing to ask about?  What actions are we willing to take?  Or… do we have so much invested in ‘the way things are’ that silence and inaction seem like the better course?

Click on the link below to read a copy of the notes taken by Teresa at the Auckland session where Margaret Mayce spoke:
Sr Margaret Mace – typed notes for website