Might St Rose of Lima inspire your faith?

This month at staff prayer for the Catholic Diocese of Auckland we reflected on a number of saints including St Rose of Lima.   You might like to read this reflection that was shared with us and ponder the challenge question.

My name is Isabel Flores de Oliva, I was born in April 1586.

My family would call me Rosa.

From a young age I was drawn to penitential practices and a spiritual life.

To much of my mother’s wishes to marry, and refusing me to pursue religious life, I cut my hair and blistered my skin.

Like my role model St. Catherine of Siena, I too completely surrendered myself to Christ.

I chose to live in strict enclosure, in a hut in my family garden. I would regularly wear a crown of thorns, practiced fasting, and slept only a few hours a night on a bed of potsherds.

I was devoted to the sick and hungry in my community, and whom were often brought to my hut for care.

I loved to needlework, and sold my fine lace and embroidery, and the flowers that I grew in my garden to raise funds for the poor.

I was beatified in 1668 by Pope Clement IX and declared patron of Lima. I was canonized by Pope Clement X, who proclaimed me patron saint of the Americas, the Indies, and the Philippines.

My saint name is Santa Rosa de Lima- St Rose of Lima.


My Challenge to you is what inspires you as an individual to pursue a deeper life of faith and compassion?