News from the South Island

On the weekend of 23/24 August Dominican Sisters in Dunedin honoured Elizabeth Mackie 80 and Jan Ogilvy 70.  Their brother Kevin Toomey joined them for the celebrations.










Sr Judith Robinson emailed with news of Mem and two day old lamb Memory at Korimako.   They have the run of the yard, front lawn and Peace Garden to be lawn mower and have some nice grass to chew on!  Mem is so old and thin looking next to the younger members of the little flock that I thought she may not be in lamb. Her  teeth are really worn down so that she eats sheepnuts from my hand and the grass juice dribbles down her frontage!

She has been the very best mother over seven years! Deserves to be spoilt and a long rest now from birthing. Lovely spring day here today.