Random thoughts on an anagram

Random thoughts on an anagram

Silent        listen

Six letters          two words

To listen requires us to be silent
You could even say we must be silent to listen

Silent with our mouths
Silent in our minds

Being silent enables

The ears
The eyes
The mind

To be open

To hear
To see

Hearing leads to listening
Seeing leads to understanding

To listen without being silent
Takes our attention away

Allows our mind

Our heart

To drift off to other places

Being silent enables us to listen

To others
To the world
To ourselves
To God

And then we can respond from

Our minds
Our hearts
Our silence

Angela Coleman
2 August 2018

*note: an anagram is where the letters of one word can be rearranged to make another word, without adding or removing any letters. (e.g. silent listen)