Signs of God in our world 2020

A poem to celebrate the Feast of St Catherine from Angela Coleman:

People finding ways to reach out to others

People staying in touch at a distance

People staying home to care

People putting signs in their windows to encourage others

People putting signs in their windows to thank essential workers

People putting Teddy Bears in their windows and yards to entertain the young and young at heart

People putting Easter pictures in their windows

People putting ANZAC poppies in windows and on fences

People helping those in greatest needs

People celebrating those around them

People celebrating those who save lives

People keeping distance when out

People politely keeping distance in supermarkets

People greeting even strangers with smiles and spoken word

People in leadership who are strong, confident and intelligent

People finding ways to pray together apart

People putting others ahead of self

People reflecting the essential goodness (God-ness) of humanity


Angela Coleman
Written in the middle of the night 27/28 April 2020 (Literally!!!)