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Finding the Treasure

Does everything seem to be falling apart – from Peter Murnane’s blog: If it seems that way to us, we need to dig down to the basic truths...


Waiting – a prayer/reflection from Angela

Jesus, when you left your disciples to return to your father, Our Creator You told them (and us) to wait To wait for the Holy Spirit To wait for stren...


Notes from Ukraine

Dear sisters, dear brothers As I’m walking through springtime Kyiv, it feels like the war has just ended. Each day, the streets are filling with a gro...


Children at St Dominic’s Primary pray for Ukraine

Staff and students at St Dominic’s primary school in Auckland have been praying for the people of Ukraine.  Check out this amazing video showing...


Teschemakers has potential to be a top-rated destination

Teschemakers Resort that is now operating as accommodation, a wedding venue and conference centre, has been sold.  The new owners of Teschemakers Reso...