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Should we be afraid of co-governance?

In this article Susan Healy discusses the significance of co-governance for the future of Aotearoa.   Click the link below to read the article. Susan...


Who is Catherine?

Today, 29 April we celebrate St Catherine of Siena in Aotearoa New Zealand. We thought it would be good to reshare this post from 2020 when Margaret B...


Why we should embrace Māori renaming

We thought you might like to read this article from Robin Kearns, who is connected to the Dominican whanau in Auckland.  Robin is a Professor of Geogr...


Sisters resting in peace

Our dearly loved Sister Elizabeth Mackie OP died last night on Saturday 18 February 2023. She ís now at peace and with the One she loved and served so...


Parihaka Day 5 November

In the unsettled political situation of the 1860s, thousands of Māori from throughout the country sought refuge at Parihaka, in Southern Taranaki. The...