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St Rose of Lima – a reflection

Reflection Question: In what ways might Rose of Lima, a 16th and 17th century Peruvian woman, speak into our lives and into our context?   St Ros...


St Martin de Porres – a reflection

  Reflection Question: What inspiration does St. Martin’s life of prayer and service offer to us during these months of living with Covid-19 and...


To Praise, To Bless, To Preach

TO PRAISE, TO BLESS, TO PREACH Walking with many, praying with many, encouraging and encouraged, changed and changing. Transformed many times. Moving...


Lay Dominicans of Aotearoa New Zealand July 2020 Newsletter

Lay Dominicans of Aotearoa New Zealand, Mai Te Hiku o te Ika ki Te Waipounamu Newsletter July 2020. Timothy Radcliffe OP in the 25 May “Vatican News”...


Good Sort with Dominican links

Thanks to Judith Ann Robinson for letting us know that Brian Devlin is Sr Noreen Murphy’s brother in law.  How she would have loved to view this...