St Dominic’s Feast Day celebrations in Te Awa Rongopai Region

Te Awa Rongopai Region of the Dominican Family (Lower North Island) gathered in Feilding on Saturday 5 August to celebrate the feast of St Dominic. The four pillars: prayer, study, community and mission were experienced to the full as we reflected on the parable of the sower, Matt 13:1-9, shared our thoughts and socialised during a celebratory lunch and made plans for our next steps.

There were many new insights as we reflected on our own experiences in the light of the scriptures. We accepted the challenge to keep sowing the seed, especially where we are in our own particular circumstances. We tried to experience the parable through the eyes of young people and urbanised people who might be far removed from the rural images of the gospels. We encouraged one another to recognise the crop in the many different ways it shows itself in this country at this time.

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