Fr David Kammler’s visit to NZ

We have been blessed to have Fr David Michael Kammler, the Order’s General Promoter of the Laity since 2007, visiting Dominican Family in Aotearoa New Zealand during March and April 20013.  We thank Kay Blackburn and Michele Ness for the following reports: A session with Fr David Kammler OP 3/2/13 We began with a short prayer based on Lectio Divina with today’s gospel reading of Moses and the burning bush. Fr David showed a picture of Moses and the burning bush and reflected on it. It depicted Moses, taking off his sandals and holding a staff. Yahweh told Moses to take off his sandals because he was on holy ground. He sent Moses off to journey, (hence the staff) over the border, out of his comfort zone. Treading on the ground, barefoot, he would be in touch with reality, just as we are when we walk barefoot over stones. The burning bush symbolises energy, enlightenment, enthusiasm, love, compassion and enthusiasm. ‘Yahweh’ was translated by Martin Buber as meaning ‘I am where you are’. (See psalm 23 ‘Even were I to walk in a ravine as dark as death, I should fear no danger, for you are at my side.’) The Dominican charism is to praise, to bless and to preach. Fr David reminded us that each and everyone of us is special and we are part of an interdependent family. Fr David described St. Dominic as the father of good news. The way we follow Jesus is through professing/preaching the
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