Dominican Laity Newsletter #26

DOMINICAN LAITY Newsletter #26   February 2013 First the sad news: with regret, we must say haere ra to Norman Gray, at least for a while. Family illness has drawn Norman back to USA , and he has resigned from his position at Queenstown Hospital . Norman has been a strong and dedicated Dominican anchor as the small New Zealand Dominican laity has been slowly building in confidence. His experience with the Dominican Sisters of Peace in USA meant he brought wisdom and enthusiasm to our efforts. He has been a part of the consultative group that has given leadership, has assisted in the website (se below), and was on the Family Mission and Justice group. He is never presumptuous, always modest in his manner, and we shall miss him greatly. However, he holds New Zealand citizenship, and that gives us hope for the future. _______________________________________________________________________________ New Website Now the GOOD NEWS: After a great deal of work under the leadership of Teresa McNamara , the New Zealand Dominican website is up and running. You can see it at It is still in the early stages of its final design, but it certainly is an impressive site even now. Thanks and congratulations to Teresa and Norman, and to all who have contributed. Plans to develop the site are now being considered, and suggestions would be welcome. _______________________________________________________________________________ Notice: THE PEACE PLACE – if you are in Auckland Peace Place has movie nights most Monday evenings. Follow this link for
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