The Gentle Hope of Autumn – a poem

The Gentle Hope of Autumn

The many-hued leaves that fall
To nurture the life lying below the ground

The songs of birds trilling out
Lifting our spirits

The chill of mornings that lead
To a day of sunny warmth

The final ripening of fruit
Before the winter chill arrives

The light of dawn when I rise (sometimes)
And the early dusk that calls me
To quiet evenings of thought, prayer and words

Be still as all slows down
Be still in this time of quiet gathering
Be still and listen to Earth going to rest
Be still in peace in the hope of new life to come

For from the dying of Autumn
Comes the birthing of Spring

In the passing of the past
Comes the arrival of the future

In the changing of what has been
Comes what will be

In the moving forward of one generation
Comes the moving in of the next

In the silent listening of questions
Comes the answers for our times
Angela Coleman
22 & 23 April 2017

This was written partly sitting in the park, with my journal and pen, yesterday; and partly sitting at
the laptop, at my desk, today.

Photo credit:  Teresa McNamara: One Tree Hill Auckland in May 2016