Reflection for first Sunday of Advent 2023 | Keep Watch

Keep Watch We have been placed in charge of our God’s household and our common home. We are each gifted sufficiently and differently. May we use this present time for vigilance, for courage, for caution, for observation, for risking in God’s Service. Every dayWe Watch for Refugees and Immigrants, wounded people,those suffering from heart-hungerswho need our attention. We Watch out for lifestyle changes, Signs of Synodality, Truces,climate shifts, Truth over Speculationthat need our attention. We Watch over in guardianship, in protection, in carewhere there are opportunities for healing. We Watch in wonder and awe, in fear, in disbelief, in delight, in surprisewhere there are personal and communal challenges. Come, let us stay alert. Shared from Dominican Sisters, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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