Lenten Reflection for First Sunday of Lent – from Peter Murnane

Dear friends Hoping that you can all, among the many tasks that challenge us, find space for stillness and silent reflection. Best regards Peter (As usual, this rflection will be found with others on the blog:  findingthetreasure.wordpress.com) ============================================================= Lent 1B                                       Floods of water, and of faithful love                                     18. 2. 2024 (Genesis 9:8-15, Mark 1:12-15) Among the material damage we might sometimes have to cope with, surely having our house flooded is among the worst. Some people in Queensland have been flooded three times within twelve months, in the abnormal storms that global warming is causing in that part of our world. Scarcely had the unfortunate householders finished the difficult and depressing work of cleaning up, when yet another ferocious storm destroyed all their efforts. Probably every culture on earth has in its collective memory a mythical story of a great flood. Scripture scholars show us that the flood story in Genesis is of this kind. We were ignorant to have accepted it as literally true. Was the entire earth flooded? Could a hand-built wooden boat carry two each of the millions of species of creatures? Who could provide, for forty days, the enormous variety of foods that they needed? It is hard enough to feed our pets. As with Jonah and his “great fish”, it is a waste of time trying to explain
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