We lived an abundant joy – a letter from our Dominican Sisters in Iraq

March 5th – 7th was a historical time in Iraq, in which we all lived a unique
experience on every level. As Iraqis, we followed His Holiness Pope Francis’ visit to
different cities meeting different communities: Christians, Mandaeans, Muslims,
Yezidis, and others. Indeed, the His visit to Iraq carried several messages to the
Iraqis and to the whole world. The fact that His Holiness came as a penitent pilgrim,
added a deeper value to the visit. It was a touch of love, peace and joy for all those
of good will. Perhaps, this was the first time that Iraq wins the heart and mind of
the world for an extraordinary event that united all Iraqi people.


To read the full letter download the PDF below:

We lived abundant joy_letter_from_OP_Sisters_Iraq_2021_March15