Peter Murnane

Being Dominican Peter Murnane shares about life in Gizo The Dilemma of High Technology While waiting on the little wharf behind the fish stall at Gizo market, I watched a battered dug-out canoe bobbing in the rubbish-strewn water. It had been moored there perhaps by someone who had come to sell their catch. In the bottom of the canoe, crossways between the sloping sides of the hull, lay a transistor radio, the size of a large book. They don’t make them like that any more. It was just above the level of the bilge water, which splashed the radio whenever the canoe lifted on a larger wave. This symbol disturbed me, who take fastidious care of my many electronic gadgets – computer, camera, mobile phone – but here was a plain statement that harsh tropical conditions will eventually devour all the expensive products that come in from my rich Minority World.
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