Profiling Kevin Toomey OP

How and Why did you become a Dominican Friar? I recall at the age of seven one of my two Dominican sister aunts, saying to me at Teschemakers, Oamaru, “Perhaps one day you’ll become a Dominican priest!” In 1972, at the age of 25, having completed an Arts-Law degree at the University of Otago the idea of Dominican life recurred and I took the plunge to enter the friars in Melbourne. I had known Dominicans well from my youth. I had enjoyed hearing sisters chanting psalms in St Dominic’s priory chapel Dunedin and I knew the priory well. I also enjoyed getting to know the friars including the free-spirited Dominican chaplain, Damian Barton OP while at Otago University and the preaching, praying and contemplative dimensions of Dominicans appealed to me. I thought that possibly my mission as a priest might include helping others to discern the presence of God in their own lives. Name two or three highlights during your time as a Dominican First, in 2000, as Socius for the Asia Pacific region, I attended at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, the International Convention of the Dominican Family. With some 250 delegates, each branch of the family was well represented and we celebrated the giftedness of each individual and branch. I recall well the wonderful colours, liturgy, singing and costumes for this Jubilee occasion. I experienced something there of Dominic’s grace and his love for the Word of God. Second, I had two experiences of being a University
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